Job postings


Are you a Registered Massage Therapist looking for work?

What we offer:

– Bi-weekly pay cheques direct deposited directly into your bank account + paid vacation + paid statutory holidays + earn tips (taxes are deducted each pay so you don’t have to worry about it come year end)

– Electric adjustable tables for comfort and career longevity 

– Everything provided [linens, oil, lotion, gel, heating pads, cups (for cupping therapy), business cards, + any other equipment required or requested]

– Partial payment towards continuing education courses to further your career

– Fully furnished room 

– Fully booked schedule

– Online charting 

– Full time receptionist to look after bookings, payments, phone calls, filling of schedule, sanitizing, laundry, etc.

Do you have further questions or would like more information? Send us an email: